Hobbit mealtimes

Recipes from Javaline that will help you in a pinch:

Tolkien describes the hobbit mealtimes like this:

Hobbits eat at least seven meals known as breakfast, second breakfast, elevenses, luncheon, afternoon tea, dinner and supper.

Does this mean that our little Sonja Bee is a hobbit?

Try these recipes:

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2 thoughts on “Hobbit mealtimes

  1. Thanks. I was trying to remember, as I tucked into second breakfast, what came after elevenses.
    There is much evidence that more meals are better than fewer big meals.


  2. Thanks! I know this is a bit old, but I was looking for this info – and I am thinking of learning eat at Hobbit meal times (small ones, though, not eggs and sausage! lol!) for metabolic and bloodsugar control.

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