The never-ending request for pasta

My brain is fried.

Not unlike yours, I’m sure. :)

Here’s a tip for those if you who won’t give up the comfort foods, like pasta, but shouldn’t eat a lot of comfort food, like pasta. You know what I mean…pasta is easy and tastes great but boy does it make me tired. All those carbs…

I make the noodles for the kids. I make sauce or meatballs in another pot (obviously). See? Fried brain.

Then I drizzle sauce on pasta for kids, and for me and other adults who don’t want wheat or egg noodles, I drizzle sauce on eggplant or zucchini.

Just throw some sliced eggplant and/or zucchini in the toaster-oven same time as you put the pot of pasta on and you’re good to go. Once they’re baked a tad, drizzle with sauce and some cheese (optional), back in toaster-oven to melt the cheese, and you’re ready to eat.

Yes, you can get all gourmet-y if you want and season your eggplant slices with oil and salt and oregano and whatever you want. Or when in a hurry, who cares, just leave them nice and naked. Once the sauce is on top you’ll never notice the difference.

If you’re a real pro (we’re all pros, face it), you’ll have your meat sauce pre-cooked and frozen in handy servings. Right?



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2 thoughts on “The never-ending request for pasta

  1. Hm…interesting. I assume you mean a toaster oven, not a slice-toaster? At first I was thinking it was amazing that you could pop slices of zucchini in the toaster like a frozen waffle. But with the addition of cheese I’m thinking I probably have the wrong visual :).

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