When Mama Bear doesn’t want to talk about it….and then does anyway

Christmas was a whirlwind, sort of, but not in a stressful kind of way. We had one fest on the 23rd, my parents over at the house on the eve, a day off on Xmas day with just kids, Santa presents and relaxing, and another fest on Boxing day.

Then it snowed.

On the 27th we went to a play and spent some time downtown but eventually made it home again because there was so much snow and they couldn’t wait to shovel and play in it…so that was great. Wore them out. Which is always a good thing.

And then of course there was the hockey tournament.

Let’s not talk about that. They’re getting crushed….and it’s kind of heartbreaking to watch. Interestingly enough, the kids are handling it fine. It’s the parents that are all up in arms….

As a new hockey mom, this is a really interesting and new experience for me. Oh how we debate! Explain! Justify!


They finally, on the last game prior to the playoffs, decided to keep Ben in Centre and give him better support on the wings. He is a strong player and shooter but he was in the wrong position, as were some of the other kids. Having said that, the teams they play against are no match for our much more relaxed league. The kids on the other team have organized uniforms, names on their jerseys, show up in shirt and tie like little NHL players, and most importantly, they know their positions really well. The kids who are assigned defense stick to that position and seem to have little interest in getting the puck to shoot and score. They’re holding back and play according to the defense rule: protect their goalie, or, if in the opponent zone, refuse to let the puck back into their home zone.

Our kids aren’t quite that organized…and when they all rush at the puck and then have no one to pass to, or don’t even think to pass when getting blocked, well….it’s hard to watch for Mama Bear. (And Papa Bear, but let’s not go there).

Look at me. Did I not say ‘let’s not talk about that’ earlier? LOL

Well we’ll see. They’ll probably get the consolation prize on the weekend, and that’s ok. Ben’s the unofficial team captain on his team, so he’s doing his best to keep the spirit of the team up. And although he remembers his gold metal during last year’s tournament, it’s not a bad thing for a kid to have to take in a lesser spot once in a while.

They’re 7 and 8 year old kids for crying out loud.

In the meantime, my girlie had a princess-themed tea party birthday party today to which she not only wore her gold princess dress, she also brought along 5 or 6 other dresses along with crowns and whatever else little 5 year old girls like to dress up in when in princess-mode. Meanwhile I went grocery shopping and spent too much money on food…in the hopes I won’t have to go again for at least a couple of weeks.

My crowning achievement was dropping my cell phone in the toilet today. I am rarely without that thing, I like my texting/email/twitter life (so sue me), but when I reached for the flusher with phone in hand and the thing slipped out of my hand, it was almost like a slow motion event. I knew it was about to happen but could do nothing to stop it. Why did I put the phone there on the sink beside the toilet anyway? Who knows….I either have it in my hand or sitting nearby, I don’t even notice half the time where I keep it. I just have it on me…know what I mean?

No plans for New Years here other than maybe tobogganing or skating…I doubt I’ll be able to stay up till midnight, but maybe this year we’ll try and have a little smootch.

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4 thoughts on “When Mama Bear doesn’t want to talk about it….and then does anyway

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