On the second day of back-to-school my children gave to me…

…a whole lot of yelling.


Yesterday was bliss. Yesterday was school and an afternoon of playing with Sonja and an after-school play session in the school yard and then home and quiet homework/drawing without complaining while I puttered getting dinner ready, and I thought “Hm. Bliss. Is this the way it can be and will be from now on?”.



It’s her. The 5 year old. She yells whenever something’s getting her upset. And a lot gets her upset. The dumbest, littlest thing. Her brother teasing her. Not finding her special markers. Wanting to watch tv and being denied turning it on. Being reminded to brush teeth, get dressed, pack schoolbag, eat breakfast, get dressed, did you brush your teeth yet? YOU STILL HAVEN’T FINISHED YOUR BREAKFAST…!


I am feeling it coming to a slow boil. I stop my own activities (I’ll shower after they’re gone, when I’m supposed to be working) (who needs to eat breakfast anyway, hand over coffee) (guess I’ll work while she’s home watching tv instead of while she’s at school) to supervise her and she gets more mad. She doesn’t want/need help and I never let her do what she wants to do.

“You’re SO MEAN”, she says over and again.

I snapped.

There was crying.

Now that she’s gone, maybe I’ll cry.

Yesterday was such a nice day. Can I get it back, that feeling of having both feet firmly placed on the floor?

Must be hormones.

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