Introducing Charlie C

Hello, my name is Charlie Chaplin and I now belong to Casa Javaline. So far, that girl is my favorite, she feeds me yummy veggies. The boy could however become my favorite too because he is much quieter than the girl….unless he’s whacking some sort of round thing around with a stick that has a weird hook at the bottom of it. They call it a hockey stick. One day I’d like to nibble on it, see what all the fuss is.


When they take me out of my cage, the stick me in a big box. The girl pets my fur, and I kind of like that. But I won’t let her pick me up yet. She is very loud….and I may have to nip her again. Although when she gives me cucumbers and salad leaves, I don’t nip her. I give her a good sniff, and a little rub just to let her know that I like it.

Yesterday they gave me two coloured grapes. I don’t like the greens ones. And I wish they would take the peel off the apple slices. But that cantaloupe piece…YUM.

They bought me some toys to put in my cage, and they keep talking about getting me an igloo. That upsidedown litter pan that used to be my house is the only house I’ve ever known, so I’m glad that taller female in the house lets me keep it. She does keep my cage pretty clean though, I like that. And she gives me lots of hay!

Sometimes I scratch myself. The tall female tells the kids I have mites. I hope not…last thing I need is for them to handle me. I’m just not ready.

I do like my new glass water bottle. It has yummy tasting water in it, much different from the plastic bottle I used to have. She must be putting vitamin C drops in the water, but I’m ok with that. It tastes fine.

And then there was this bigger furry animal with a loud bark that came to visit. I did not give it the satisfaction of hiding in my cage….this is my home now! Far as I can tell, the black furry thing is a visitor….so that little girl just hid behind the blanket on my cage to give me my food.The black furry thing wasn’t impressed….I think it was jealous. But not too badly. It  just stared at me. I ignored it.

Molly and Charlie C with Sonja

I think I’m gonna like it here. So far I’m getting a lot of attention. This morning, the tallest man in the house even gave me his fingers to sniff before he left.

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