It’s too cold to move, so I just eat

This cold snap is making me eat. Because of the cold I drive the kids to and from school. I miss walking…

(Picture: Thick layer of ice on the screen door. Can’t even see outside.)

033We don’t have the dog, either, on our designated dog sitting day, because I have to be around for basement work that is supposed to be happening (but hasn’t, yet). (Insurance, helllllooooo??? You said you would call us with the quote…).

Our walks to and from school always take longer with the kids because they, not unlike dogs, do not walk a straight line between A and B (where A is home and B is school). They have to stop to inspect stuff, bend down to look under stuff, climb stuff, walk back to pick up stuff, pet stuff, collect stuff, fight a little, skip and jump. And that is A-OKAY with  me.

(Picture: Lake Ontario with a snow squall over on the USA side, and ‘warm’ water rising in the frigid air above.)


Except, now, I just sit. I sit in the car, I sit at home. I sit and sit and sit.

And I eat.

Chocolate from Christmas.
Bacon sandwiches without mayo because we are out of mayo.
Moose salami.
Cheese and crackers.
Marinated olives. YUM.

And a gazillion other snacks, meals and everything in between.

I can feel my waist expanding, but I’m wearing loose clothing right now because I have to wear long johns. Even the 5 minutes I stand outside waiting for the Kindergarteners to come out is unpleasant without proper clothing to keep me from freezing to death.

The tights, long-johns and loose fleece pants I wear do not help me recognize my expanding waist. But I know it’s happening….I can see it. In the shower. In the mirror.


It’s cold out there…all I want to do is sit some more, have some tea, and “pass the pastry, please, my way”.

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