Bad mood

Like some other people, I don’t bake much. (Andrea @missfish comes to mind, I think Sharon @SharonDV too said something to that effect at some point)…it has to do with measuring and exact amounts. Not me, at least not in the kitchen.

But I am in a blah, horrible, depressed, icky mood so I baked cookies. Then I ate one, and it wasn’t baked long enough (even though I followed the instructions exactly).

So then I ate another one. And stuck the rest of them back in the oven.

The oven just beeped. Should I go check?


They look ok…

The reason I’m in a bad mood is because I cannot manage the family dinners. I wrote about this before and found out a couple of people share my sentiments, but frankly, I am just tired of it. I spend a lot of time cooking, and mostly cooking things I think the kids will eat without complaint, when I’d often rather try to be a bit more experimental and cook something a bit more interesting. But, I’m tired, SO TIRED, of hearing commentary that isn’t positive (or even neutral), of the lack of table manners, of the endless complaints, the incessant getting up to do stuff not related to eating, and then walking away from the mess and giving me attitude when I request they help removing the dishes or clean up.

I’m just fed up. I even tried to slam a door last night and the door handle fell off…


Perhaps the answer is to ignore them and let them eat cereal day and night. I am no longer going to NOT cook what I want, particularly because I get a variety of yummy organic vegetables twice a month, that I can get experimental with. Especially this time of year, when I can make stews (they won’t eat), hearty soups (they complain about), and casseroles (they refuse to try because the food is all mixed together).

Let them eat cereal. And by the time they get back from the rink there may be no cookies left either.

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One thought on “Bad mood

  1. Hee! hope the cookies broke you out of your funk. I hear you about dinnertime – I go back and forth between making exactly what I want, only to be disappointed and upset when no one eats it, and making the same old crap that I know they like that I’m super tired of.

    Our oldest is nine now and I think one solution might be to have him take over some of the cooking. Finding the energy for the training and the teaching is the hard part, though :).

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