Moose meat

You know that new-ish comedy “Last Man Standing’ with Tim Allen? He used to be the tool man…now instead of 3 boys he’s got 3 girls and a grandson. Anyway, he hunts and is the owner or co-owner or something of an outdoor/hunting store. He co-owns it with this guy who used to be a doctor on Chicago Hope.

I live with a hunter. He’s not like Tim Allen, nor does he own a hunting store, although perhaps that might be something he could, potentially, be interested in…

Anyway, my guy took up hunting a few years ago and his emphasis has been mostly on deer. There are deer aplenty all over the place and they are multiplying in mass numbers, so hunting deer has been a passion without guilt, so to speak.

But then one day late last year he was asked if he’d like to join a group who was heading north and spending the night to moose hunt. Apparently moose meat is great!

image source: Wikipedia

image source: Wikipedia

Here’s the thing about deer meat. Deer meat is also called venison, and I simply can’t get my taste buds to like it. I don’t know what it is, but that gamey taste is not something I’m fond of. Having said that, I can mix the ground deer with ground beef and make delicious homemade burgers or meatballs, and that’s no problem. I can eat that. But just venison by itself, no matter how much healthier the meat is, I just don’t quite like the taste that much.

So when he came home with moose steaks, I thought ok, I’ll try a piece, just to be a good sport. AND…..

Hello! The steaks were AWESOME! They taste exactly like really high-quality beef (like grass-fed cows who are never subjected to drugs or hormone and who live on pastures in pleasant countryside). There is absolutely no venison-y or game-y taste to the moose meat.

Now here’s thing about moose. It is a big, gigantic animal. HUGE. Much bigger than Bambi. So there is a lot of meat to pass around to all the hunters. DH came home with a salami made of moose meat the size and thickness of my arm. I do not kid…it was very big! I still have more than half of it hanging in the pantry and we eat some each and every day! Ben wants moose salami sandwiches daily, and has been getting them, and eating them, every single time I make them for him. Sonja loves the salty taste, and DH sometimes cooks it with scrambled egg, to add some extra protein into his breakfast.


Even our part-time pup Molly was all freaked out at the salami. Usually I pick her up after I drop the kids at school, as her house is just a couple of blocks past the school. When I open the door to our house, the first thing she usually does is wander around the entire main floor sniffing for the children. She comes back to the living room, analyzes DH’s chair to ensure that I had not forgotten to put her blanket on there so she can have comfort and warmth while she waits for the noise-makers to arrive, and lies down until it’s time to get Sonja from JK. Well, the day I had the moose salami on a high shelf near the front door, my god. She raced around the living room on high alert, nose sniffing in the air as opposed to near the ground, never once leaving to find the children. She kept racing back to the front door because she could SNIFF something delish near here, but WHAT IS IT?

She was hilarious. I had to move the gigantic salami and place it in a closest where she couldn’t reach it or be distracted by it. And yes, of course I gave her a little taste…I’m HUMAN and can only take so much of her pitiful stares and glances at the locked door from that pooch…

So that is what moose salami is, Lynn. I will likely make some moose-beef burgers with some of the extra ground meat I got, and report back with the results.


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One thought on “Moose meat

  1. Never in a thousand years would I have guessed that you meant ACTUAL moose! I thought it was some kind of side counter lunch meat with olives in it or something. This post had me drooling…hope I run across some myself someday!

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