What did YOU drink for breakfast?

This morning a funny thing happened to me. Although of course initially, I didn’t get it.

Let’s back track for a minute…

So last week I had the best intentions. I was going to not only get rid of the garbage bag of donating items in my bedroom which has been there since before Xmas, I was also going to return some empty wine bottles. I even got so far as to take the empties I had stored by the side of the house out of the wet and icky box, and place them into sturdy canvas bags inside the back of the van. Now, all I had to do was drive past a beer store and drop them off for cash. Right? I could do this on the way to Goodwill, or from Goodwill, or anytime in between while in the car anyway.

So with this intention this morning, I picked up two more empties I had sitting on the side steps and, while herding noisy children to the car, stood by the open trunk. One hand held keys and a school bag, the other the two empty wine bottles. I’m momentarily distracted by some kid-related commotion when I see my neighbour come toward me. He’s on his way to work based on how he’s dressed, but he’s walking straight at me, laughing.

Can’t be the kids he’s laughing about, they’re too loud and irritating with their pointless bickering over which booster seat to sit in or whatever it was they were arguing about.

He stops in front of me and says: “Did you run out of orange juice this morning?”


I must have looked really perplexed because he cracked up, and pointed at the empties.



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