Endless winter

We have winter without snow. We HAD snow, but it melted when spring arrived for a couple of days, and my kids celebrated by bringing all the mud into the house.

Now it’s just cold. FRIGID. Yuck.

My basement is waiting to be re-finished after our sewage backup situation and the entire thing is pissing me off. Being cooped up inside with LESS space than before, which was already not enough space….it’s not easy. Wish we could just get it all done quickly…but with all things home-ownership, these things don’t work quickly.

Patience is a virtue. Well, I don’t like it. Patience, or virtue.

Having Charlie Chaplin, our guinea pig, has been helpful. Sonja loves him, and with her at home as of lunchtime it’s been nice to have her do something other than ask to watch tv.

The February blahs have arrived, and despite the lovely sunshine, it’s too frigid to even want to venture outside for a walk. I have to force myself to walk to school, but we’re all suffering. Walks to school right now are so boring. I don’t know about other people, but when we walk during interesting seasons, we always have things to look at, to see, to hear, to inspect, to talk about, to contemplate….In the spring, the landscape is every changing, a feast for the senses. Even in the fall, when the leaves fall down, the wildlife scurrying around….the walks to and from school are still interesting. Now? It’s just cold. Cold and blah. The kids stroll or lag behind, bicker and complain….So I tend to reach for the car keys and run errands at the same time.

This is the main reason why we spend more money when we have less…we are in the car more often.

Anyway, I need to do stuff around here. Signing off on this non-post.

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