Commander Hadfield in space is talking to all of us

I follow Chris Hadfield on Twitter @Cmdr_Hadfield.

???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????There are many people and organizations to follow on Twitter. I follow a very select few. Some are bloggers I enjoy reading, some are friends or neighbours. Most are in line with my line of thinking when it comes to lifestyle, food, parenting….

I don’t follow celebrities. I choose one or the other occasionally and lose interest quickly. This is not to say that I post more interesting stuff than they do (frankly, my endless hockey or parenting tweets probably get on at least some of my followers nerves some of the time), but then, I do try to be original. I associate my tweets with my blog so most of my tweets are close to the topics I post about on Javaline.

Still. I have to say following Chris has been such an awesome experience!

I was not interested in sciences when I was younger. I didn’t understand it, and the way it was presented to me over the years always deterred me to investigate further. Who can get interested in textbooks with a few pictures? I guess some people do because we have many fantastic scientists in Canada who have made huge global contributions in a variety of fields including Medicine, Agriculture and Space Exploration, among others. But to me? It was hard, it was complicated, and there was a general lack-luster kind of attitude from at least some of the teachers during my childhood. It was all about tests. There was no freedom to pursue the things that interested me. (Today, I read scientific information as it comes through the internet like I am starved for mental stimulation. How things change over time….).

But Commander Chris, with his tweets, well….let me say just how impressed I am by this man. Especially his connections to the kids. Kids with their very ‘real’ questions to which our favorite spaceman answers not just with eloquence and humour, but also with pictures and videos. Well, if that doesn’t whet the appetite for science, I don’t know what will!

Take the video of clipping his fingernails in space. Did anyone ever think about how Captain Picard on the Star Trek the Next Generation tv series clipped his fingernails? (I know, they had gravity on the Enterprise, I’m just sayin”…). What about those alive-looking nuts in a container? Did the Jedi’s ever open a can of nuts in the Star Wars movies out in the zero-gravity environments?

When Chris tweets that he’s eating an apple, a special treat considering that most of their food is freeze-dried, he brings an element of reality, of real-life on a space station in today’s world, to those of us who would otherwise not even consider such a thing. Apple? We have apples in the fridge and eat them every day. He gets excited over an apple? Now, doesn’t that make you want to learn more about life in space?

He takes the most phenomenal pictures of the Earth. He identifies them…recently I looked at Peele Island, Canada’s most southern tip.

Sometimes he talks about small injuries, and what happens to the blood… :)

I look forward to Commander Hadfield’s next tweet. Especially since the Dragon capsule arrived today, with all kinds of surprises, I’m sure.

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One thought on “Commander Hadfield in space is talking to all of us

  1. He is something like a rock star, isn’t he? Just love him! Thanks for sharing the nail clipping video, it was awesome. I have to get on Twitter more often!

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