Starting off tired, and a little uneasy

When people hear me say that I have active kids I feel like they’re rolling their eyes at me, even when they’re not. Most people think their kids are active, so why would mine be more so?

I invite you to come to my house at any given time of day or non-sleeping part of evening and night and judge for yourself.

Point is….that girl of mine was more than usual energetic at the beginning of the Taekwando camp today. It’s March-Break! Camp with my Big Brother! Something New and Different! Look at this ROOM! It’s like a BIG GYM!


I’m tired because I didn’t sleep well. There appears to be an hour missing somewhere (damn time change), and I’m more than a little anxious about my ‘free’ week to work at home. Anxiety is my nature when out-of-the-ordinary stuff happens.

The kids are looked after at the camp from 9 am to 4 pm. Sonja will probably be the youngest and possibly the only girl. When they emailed us last week that the canceled camp got reinstated due to sudden increased demand, I thought perhaps there would be about 10 kids in total. Turns out there’s going to be only 5….not sure how this will go over for a whole day…

On the one hand, they’ll actually learn something what with all the individualized attention. On the other hand…I don’t know what to expect. But they’re out of my hair, occupied doing something interesting, and I will have an opportunity to focus.

I have plans, my friends. Because my usual two hours of work in the morning has increased dramatically for the week, which means that I don’t have to rush off someplace right in the middle of fiddling with some theme in WordPress or the developer tab in Word 2010….

Here’s what I plan on doing (and hopefully this list will  help me to stay focused all week):

  • update my professional website, possibly purchase a domain
  • create a spec sheet that specifies what I charge for what type of work
  • create a second spec sheet that lists my credentials and work experience
  • research how to incorporate myself (should that day come at some point)
  • research and join some technical writer, freelance writer and other editing-type groups and join them
  • continue to work on the free document revision I offered my naturopath doctor
  • pursue without becoming annoying a meeting with her to present her my samples which I have already created.

This should keep me busy for several hours per day. Some of that time will be spent doing other things, too, such as the usual cook and plan meals. It’s also Benjamin’s birthday on Wednesday and I offered both his camp, and his hockey buddies, cupcakes, so gotta get that going at some point. And he still needs a present, I mean, another present. Something to open since most of his gifts this year will be either tickets to an event, or an electronic device (which will actually be presented to him two weeks after his birthday at a family bowling party)…and Sonja has a birthday party to attend as well next Sunday which means I need a present for a little girl, too.

So with all of that said, I’m off to play with Dropbox, Word 2010 and WordPress. I hope no one will call and report some drama with my kids from camp…

2 thoughts on “Starting off tired, and a little uneasy

  1. I’m way behind and just catching up with my reading and commenting, so sorry for the late drop-in! Just wanted to say I’d be interested in any info you find on incorporating, and whether you decide to do it. I looked into it a year ago and it didn’t seem worth it – I think you don’t absolutely have to do it unless you are going to charge HST, and you only need to do that once you hit the $30000 barrier. But recently I took a new freelance writing job, and they tsk-tsked over the fact that I don’t have a corporation number (and also, as of yet, have not paid me). So I’m wondering if it’s worth it after all – I’d love to hear your opinion!

    • I haven’t pursued it but the little research I did do indicated that there is a difference between incorporating federally or provincially (where federal is more expensive but gives you a greater scope). Only thing is – what is the internet? If you do work internationally through the web do you have to incorporate federally or is provincially enough? I don’t know the answer, but when the time comes and I find out I’ll let you know.

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