The ugly truth

People who know me, or who read this blog, hear me moan bitch complain about the tiny-ness and claustrophobic-ness of this house occasionally sometimes all the time. We live in a 2-bedroom bungalow that has a basement with two additional rooms and a large-ish space which functions as the kids’ play area.

But it’s still a 2-bedroom bungalow.

Because of the pipe backup into part of the basement and the renovators currently in the basement doing stuff, I have more clutter upstairs in our everyday living space.

Here I would like to offer PROOF that my complaining is valid and completely justified. This is a picture of the state of my living room this morning:

022This is where we eat our meals (table to the right of pic) or watch tv. This is also where I work when I work because of basement reno making the office downstairs unusable. Today this room also functioned for birthday present opening. The toys at the back wall by the coffee table are usually downstairs, but again, we don’t have access to there now. And also this morning Sonja threw up and started in this room and left a trail of icky liquid-y chunky puddles all the way to the back of the house where she stopped puking right in front of the bathroom door. I was in the shower at the time and unaware.

Needless to say we were late for March Break camp.


March Break camp is Taekwondo, a type of Marshal Arts that the kids LOVE. There are a lot of kicks and active movements they do there, and Sonja refused to stay home because of a little puke. “I’m fine! I WANNA GO, and I want to taste Ben’s birthday cupcakes TOO!” she screamed.

She’s always screaming, lately.

So I sent them and came home after airing out the house. Then I made myself this for breakfast:

swiss chard, tomato and feta cheese omlet

2 eggs made into omelet stuffed with cherry tomatoes, baby swiss chard and sheep’s feta cheese. Sprinkle a touch of cracked pepper. Add coffee and…yum.

This house is driving me crazy. I can’t wait to move, or renovate (by adding a second story).

Now, if you’ll excuse me, since the kids are gone all day I’m going to purge the crap out of this house, before I lose it completely.

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