Moody girl

My little Sonja, my little angle, my little girlie….she is on some kind of a rampage lately.

grumpy girl

Don’t mess with me or I will take my racket and raise a little hell!

We basically pass her back and forth between DH and I. I handle her until I grit my teeth, and/or lose it, at which point she goes crying to daddy that “mommy doesn’t like me, mommy doesn’t care about me”. So then he does what he does with her, and all is well, till half an hour later she comes crying to me: “daddy YELLED at me!!”.

Something’s bugging her.

She’s bugging me.

She’s 5. Going on 11…


Tuesday coffee update: we are out of coffee cream. I had to use milk in my coffee. Milk is ok, and a lot better than sugar. Monday’s coffee definitely was worse than Tuesday’s coffee.


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