Procrastination, the non-student version

This post may or may not be a Part I of a series. Because today, I went from not procrastinating and being Very! Proactive! doing all the STUFF on my LIST to…resting in a reclined position on the couch.

Shall I illustrate?

I ran around and did all my stuff, at which point I came home tired and fed up. Therefore, I did not empty the cooler with the groceries in it, but I did go to the trouble to put two ice packs into the cooler to keep the food fresh in there. Because taking out ice packs and putting them in the cooler requires less energy than opening the fridge with hands full of dairy product and realizing I need to move all the other stuff already in the fridge to make room for the dairy. Too lazy.

Then I watched Y & R for the last 11 minutes and didn’t understand if Phyllis is dead. While the commercials were on I raced to the backyard to harvest fresh basil, raced back in to make sure Y & R wasn’t back on just yet, made a quick tomato salad with basil and bocconcini cheeses which I ate while watching the last few minutes of the show, the previews of the next show, and feeling annoyed at the lack of information whether Phyllis is dead. Then I watched Bold and Beautiful and realized it was same old same old since the last time I tuned in which was sometime back in February. Basically, a guy who used to be on Y & R is now married to one chick who used to be on Y & R also but having a torrid affair with her sister on the show.  Based on my limited and distracted viewing, this has been going on for months. (And I don’t care, I won’t be tuning in to that show unless I’m already puking from some debilitating disease.)

So then I flicked the channel, and ate two granola bars with chocolate chips in them. I may or may not have texted, emailed, facebooked or tweeted a few times while crashed on the couch. By then I was watching the Little Couple on TLC which is the sweetest show and so much better than any soap opera, which I am still watching as I type this, all because I am still procrastinating.

Then I decided to make tea.

In the meantime DH came home and went for a power nap. While he slept I emptied the cooler, because I can’t have him believe that this is what I do all day, this sitting around watching tv (la la laa) and when he got up to leave for an appointment I told him there was no dinner and he requested I make some.

After he left I had to throw out the stinky indoor compost into the green bin outside which, to my horror, was crawling with maggots EWWW so that unleashed a whole other set of activity in me. I boiled water, dumped it on the compost, did it again, then a third time, then poured some bleach too…ick. ICK.


All of this inactivity after lots of activity interspersed with some other activity was only possible because my dear mother has taken the children out for the day today, so I could complete my big tasks I started yesterday, with Sonja’s help and all. Which was to PURGE the children’s room. (Haven’t started yet.)

Aside note: the children’s room is CLEAN. Spotless. But the purging didn’t happen, their stuff-to-be-purged is piled in a couple of boxes in the living room.

I need to do that. I need to get on top of all the clutter before school starts. I just do not feel like sifting through paper, school work and all their accumulated, associated scraps of art, crafts and whatnot. I can’t do that while they’re here because every scrap of paper is their favorite and even promises to take photos and store them online where they can admire it any time they want is not enough for them. They MUST keep the original art work.

Theoretically instead of typing out this drivel I could go sit on the floor in front of the tv with the camera and a stack of papers and do just that, but instead, I’m comfortable, and I kinda like typing. The Little Couple is adopting a tiny boy from China, and although I’ve seen this before, they are just so sweet and adorable I can’t stop myself from watching.

If this is considered a reality show I admit I like it, although I abhor pretty much all other reality shows.

And so the procrastination has reached a new level. Being able to procrastinate with technology to this degree, simultaneously no less, was not possible in 1989 and beyond, so hey, I’m accomplishing something here.

Now, for dinner, I think I’ll open a can of salmon and drop that in a pan of oil and garlic and serve it to him in the form of a salmon patty.

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2 thoughts on “Procrastination, the non-student version

  1. I actually have left The Purging until after school starts. I’m sure I will pay for this one day, but I go through my kids’ rooms two or three times a year while they are in school and filter them – get rid of old valentines, school projects, hand-made hats, even a few stuffed animals from the bottom of the bin. So far they’ve never noticed – fingers crossed that it continues. It’s on my to do list for September…but I’m procrastinating :).

  2. Purging, or as you call it, The Purging, that I did that week now is a distant memory and there is absolutely no evidence that I did it. LOL. So the next purge will happen when I catch my breath (which is not this week or weekend) and likely will include the clothes swap. Cooler weather has arrived…

    Given how much running around has occurred lately I am actually CRAVING solitude and even poor weather so I can come home, be alone, putter, or not, watch tv, or not, cry, or not. You know? Perhaps procrastination will be a welcome diversion by THAT time… :)

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