Who’s knocking on the door?

So there’s a thing about me you may not know.

I can barely see.

Oh, I can see fine when I have my contacts in, and like all moms, I have eyes on the back of my head which renders me to see who swiped the last cookie or who hid the homework sheet behind the dresser so as to appear like a homework-less child. I can see those things just fine, and I don’t even need glasses.

But when I don’t wear my contacts, like at night prior to bed, I can’t see much. Especially not when the room is dark save for the glow of the TV showing the latest disaster hockey game that the Leafs are involved in.

So last night, after we put Sonja to bed, seeing that Ben was on the mat in front of the couch watching (and whacking a ball with a mini stick) the hockey game, I figured I’ll go watch TV in the bedroom.

I have enough hockey in my life without having to watch it on TV endlessly too…

As I’m getting ready for bed, I suddenly hear a noise…it’s loud and irritating and I immediately want to go yell at the noise-maker because Sonja is sleeping and I want quiet now and it’s bedtime and and and…

But I had just taken my contacts out. I did not assure myself of the location of my glasses prior to doing so, assuming they were where they always are (on the bedside table) but standing where I was I couldn’t see that far and I wanted the irritating noise to stop so I walked all the way through the dark-ish house to where the noise was coming from, holding on to things I passed so I would not trip or make more noise.

“Stop that noise!” I said to the boy and turned to go back to my bedroom.

He said “there’s someone knocking on the door”.

I check the clock on the stove: 8:25 pm. The light outside is not on, since we’re not expecting anyone. The light in the hallway is not one because…see above. The light in the kitchen is also not on because the kitchen is close to the kids’ room and with Sonja sleeping we keep the light off so as to not keep her awake.

“I don’t care who’s knocking” I respond but hesitate walking away. What if it’s the neighbour who needs help? It’s been known to happen…

I call out to DH “there’s someone at the door and I can’t see a thing” and he comes into the room and Ben repeats “there’s someone knocking on the door”.

So DH goes to the door. And notices….

…exactly nobody there.

We both glare at Ben and he collapses into a giggling heap of boy-child.




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One thought on “Who’s knocking on the door?

  1. Kay, first, HA!, Ben is hilarious. I’m sure he’ll be bringing this one up OFTEN. My kids will be so envious, they always have big big April Fool’s plans and we always seem to catch them out.

    Second – I am also TOTALLY blind. My glasses prescription is legendary. Sometimes I really DO think we were separated at birth!

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