24-hour shopping

There is a special insert in the Walmart flyer in today’s paper. It says:

(Starting December 14 until December 24)

Well, am I ever lucky or what? Not only do I get to shop at Walmart earlier than most other stores, now I get to go purchase that special Christmas gift for that special someone at 2 in the morning! I’m so happy I may look into getting a Walmart credit card to do with my newfound bliss.

Oh joy.

(I’m being sarcastic, in case the tone  of this post doesn’t show it)


One thought on “24-hour shopping

  1. Drip, drip, drip… that is drenched in sarcasm! How “unappetizing”!

    Because we all know that I EXPECT something special and really expensive and definitily not from WALLMART and for heaven’s sake not made in China from you for Christmas… AND DO NOT EXPECT ME TO DO YOUR GIFTWRAPPING FOR YOU!!!

    Because, you know, Christmas is the season for the spirit of LOVE and not commercialism or consumerism… and if you are so callous to send me any cheap stuff and expect me to wrap it up… well, then we all know what that means, don’t we?

    It means:

    You are the personified GRINCH . Sorry, someone had to say it…

    So, it remains for me to wish you two things:
    1. Smarten up
    2. A joyous second Advent

    Yours truely,

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