Daycare sick policy

Dear daycare staff;

I just wanted to formally ask for your diligence in enforcing the sick policy you have in place.

After dropping off our toddler this morning, we overheard another parent explaining to the staff that her little (screaming) boy only has a fever at night. That he would be alright since he was given a fever reducing medicine.

I’m not impressed that this little boy was allowed to be in class today. I kept my own boy home for a week even though he was fever free well past your 48-hour policy. Where he got his nasty cold from I don’t know, but it’s likely that he picked it up from a classmate.

My 7-week old newborn has Bronchitis, a fact established by emergency hospital medical staff in the middle of the night recently. Obviously she was infected by her brother, who was likely infected by someone in his daycare class.

As you know little children pass germs back and forth. If one child is fever free during the day, which ours was too, but flares up a night, please send it back home. It is not fair to the rest of us if a sick child is permitted to participate in class.

I realise you can’t confirm that a parent is telling the truth about their child’s state of health. But I trust your staff, and have personally witnessed their diplomacy in dealing with some of these situations. Please don’t make exceptions with sick toddlers.

Our boy is no longer sick. His doctor told us last Thursday he had a virus. He has been fever free since Wednesday, but will probably still have a bit of a cough for some time, especially if he runs around. According to the doctor, he is no longer contagious despite his cough. And we have taught him to cough into his sleeve; all he needs is occasional reminding.

Your attention to this matter is appreciated.


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