Toddler comes out of his room during quiet/nap time and says:

My bum is itchy.

Mommy goes to check it out. May be a doghair or something. 

Resume normal activities.

A few minute later, toddler (who is peeing but not pooping in the potty) brings mommy a diaper.

Mommy has a choice: either go through the whole crying, screaming fit and have him end up pooping in the diaper anyway, or put the diaper on him immediately.

Mommy puts diaper on him, goes back to the kitchen.

A specific odour emits out of the toddler’s room.

Mommy enters the room and sees the toddler standing near his bed, holding on the bed post, with big eyes and an expression on his face that might be interpreted as fear (of what? who knows. his poops? knowing that mommy is disappointed he’s not pooping on the toilet or potty?), concentration (the poops are sometimes stuck), and confusion (why is this pooping such an ordeal?).

He says:

You, you, you leave me alone, mommy.

Well, we all want privacy during number 2. What I’d like to know is why I can’t have any, even during number 1.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to go change a poopy bum.

PS this stuttering is a new thing. I may need to google it to see why he’s doing this now, and how long it will last, and whether I should mention something to him about it, or be concerned, or not.


3 thoughts on “Stutter

  1. NO, NO, NO need to worry about his stuttering at this point. Especially since it seems to be situational.

    It is considered a normal phase which you do not have to get on his case about.

    If you are still concerned when it comes to his next check up, then ask his doctor or chat with the teachers at school, but NO need to do anything now. AT ALL.

  2. Sounds like you may have some experience with that. I’m not really concerned, but he’s my first and I haven’t come across this, so naturally I wonder why this happens. Thanks for your comment!

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