Shopping, gifts, Christmas is here…

So I understand that shopping in the middle of the night a few days before Christmas is not exactly the experience one might think it would be.

The husband spoke with a neighbour the other day. She quickly wanted to drop by the local Walmart at 1 am the other night. She must have walked a couple of miles from her car to the entrance because once she saw how long the lineup to the cash registers was, she turned around and left.

The lineup was all the way to the middle of the store where their electronics department was…

* * *

I had ordered a couple of books from a promotional thing a magazine I subscribe to back in the middle of November.

The books have not arrived.

They were supposed to be gifts for hubby and mom.

I tried contacting the magazine last week but no one got back to me.

Today, technically speaking, is a “normal” day, in terms of work/shopping/delivering stuff. Let’s hope the books come today.

* * *

Yesterday I dropped off the tot at his grandparents’ place. Since we don’t have a Christmas tree this year due to all the renovations, they offered to do Christmas eve for us.

I brought along with me a HUGE basket filled with wrapped gifts. Gifts from generous and lovely neighbours and friends.

Once I got to my parents’ place, I saw that their diningroom was covered in wrapped gifts. A LOT of gifts.


I unpack my basket, place all the gifts on top of the other gifts on the table, hang around for a bit, leave the tot there, and take my now empty basket back home. 

At home I immediately trip over a bunch of bags and boxes in the hallway. Hubby was shopping apparently.


It is now Christmas eve morning. My best of the best contractors is working on the basement downstairs. He shows up here at 7 am, with a bag of gifts…more gifts. Even the dog got a wrapped gift.

The basket that was empty yesterday is now half-full of more gifts. People are still dropping by with gifts for the kids. This is amazing! I didn’t even know I knew so many lovely people…

I thank my lucky stars that I took the time yesterday to de-clutter the tot’s room. Many of his toys have been boxed up, or placed in bins and shoved under the bed. Or crib. Or into a corner. Or on top of a shelf.

He will no doubt want to play with all the new toys when he gets home…

* * *

Lori of Montessori for Everyone was kind enough to respond to my plea of help with some organizational tips. I will be following some of her ideas when the basement is complete. I cannot wait for this day to arrive.

* * *

Happy eating, please drink responsibly, and merry Christmas to you!


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