Why I need bins…

This is only part of the reason.


We spent Christmas eve at my parents’ place and got all this stuff. We had to leave the dog there for an extra day. Poor Rusty. Not that he minds…he loves it there. No babies crying, no kids making strange and loud noises, no toys flying through the air…only peace and quiet with two seniors and a cat.

Maybe I’ll stay behind next time…

Then we went to the other side of the family for Christmas day and got more stuff.

Which is all fine, since none of the stuff was junk. The kids got great toys and nice outfits. Nothing needs returning or exchanging.

But this is adding to my never-ending dilemma on how to store stuff. Because of this:


I will have all kinds of nice new big deep closets when the renovations are done. But until then…bins.

That is my new four-letter word.

But they serve their purpose, those bins. The good quality ones could technically speaking be stored outside on the porch in the middle of a blizzard, should it come to that.  It hasn’t yet but you never know.

But…there is progress…


Taping has begun. Yay.

PS so now I will also need a new mop, more Swiffer stuff, and a case of wine to get me through the next few weeks.


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