Lessons in courtesy

Dear people,

I would think that most of us would have been brought up displaying common courtesy toward one another.

I would also think that parents or child-minders or teachers would feel a common sense of understanding toward other parents, child-minders and teachers.

So why is it that some people can simply stand and ignore a parade of other people arriving with toddlers and carrying infant car seats, which by the way are HEAVY?

I understand that it’s cold outside. All the more reason to anticipate people arriving with small children and infants at the local school.

People, it would have been nice if one of the four adults standing inside the doors would have opened up said door for myself, my toddler, my infant, and the parent behind me with toddler and infant, and held it open while we entered the school.

Not only would that have been appreciated by me and no doubt the parent behind me, but it would have taught a lesson to all the children huddled together inside the school waiting for the schoolbus. You would have been an EXAMPLE to those kids. Imagine that. 

And who knows, those same kids may have remembered your courtesy the next day and offered to hold open a door for a parent lugging an infant car seat.

But this will not happen now. Because none of you were interested in displaying common courtesy toward others.

This just irks me.


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