Old McDonald

Old Macdonald had a farm, ee ay ee ay ohh

That’s how the song goes, right?

There is a McDonald restaurant in our neighbourhood. It’s amongst all the little mom and pop shops we like to frequent. The little Lebanese Falafel shop, the Polish bakery and deli, that kind of thing.

But sometimes, honestly, the struggle with the big stroller is a pain in the behind. To take the baby out of her warm  infant seat and lug it and the baby’s weight around on my arm while holding hands with the toddler is, um, inconvenient. Leaving the stroller outside, even if there is a big window in the store where I can see it, is equally inconvenient, especially if I have stuff in the stroller.

Taking the stroller into the little shops isn’t possible due to the store’s size and narrow aisles.

So…sometimes I take the tot to McDonalds. For some french fries. As much as I hate the place, I can eat the fries. They’re actually quite yummy. And, I can take the stroller inside. And their coffee isn’t too bad either.

I really do hate to admit it.

Benjamin in the meantime has his own phrase for that place.

Let’s go to Ol’ McDonald mom, for some french fries!

He really does crack me up sometimes.


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