Basements are for potatos

I have basements on my mind. Then, I stumbled across this:

It doesn’t matter that most of us can now buy potatoes any day of the year. Tradition has a long arm. For most Canadians, a house is not quite a home without a basement. So in one sense, even modern, finished basements are still used to store potatoes. Nowadays, any worthwhile basement potato bin needs wall-to-wall carpeting, a big-screen TV, and a plush couch for the two-legged potatoes that lounge in front of it.

Read the rest of the article here.

Well, isn’t this funny. Back in the days of the post-war era, many Toronto homes were built with basements that functioned specifically for utilitarian reasons, such as storing winter vegetables, or huge, ugly oil tanks.

Today, basements function as living space.

Converting ugly, old, uninsulated basements into functional rec rooms take time, effort, money, stamina, a sense of humour, and hours of blogging (to bitch and complain and moan and look for support).

Eventually, the basements get done. I’ve seen some nice ones, some not so nice ones, and everything in between. Even the McMansions in the McSubdivisions have mostly unfinished basements which eventually get converted into rec rooms, weight rooms, play rooms or separately contained apartments.

Our basement will have closets and space. Something that is not very abundant on the main floor of the house.

Looking forward to it.



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