The calm before the storm


Yep. It’s coming. A snowstorm watch is in effect. Apparently.

Or not so apparently. As right now, there is no flake of snow to be seen anywhere. Only bright sunshine, shining in the bay window, highlighting every spec of dust and doghair all over the friggin place.

The GTA (general Toronto area) supposedly is expecting 20 to 25 cm of snow sometime tomorrow.

Everyone on the radio and tv is all excited about this.

Imagine: a weather story about a snowstorm! In January! In Canada!

Today the complete opposite is true.  It’s clear, sunny, quite cold (but it’s January so that’s allowed), and fairly calm in terms of wind.

Yesterday the winds were so strong they were damaging in some areas.

I left some of the garbage and bins that had to be put out last night on the front porch, for hubby to put to the curb when he gets home. The porch didn’t get completed due to weather related delays when construction started back in August, so the railing is still missing. Guess how happy hubby is about the big dent in the car when the winds knocked the composting bin over, right onto the hood of the car.


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