How to solve the mid-afternoon slump dilemma


I’m not going to call it a diet.

But that mid-afternoon slump that makes me scarf down chocolate, cookies,  or nuts by the handfuls, it’s got to stop. I have to wear a bathing suit in 112 days or so for crying out loud. Or earlier if I take the tot to the indoor pool.

I really shouldn’t complain too much. The weight from the pregnancy practically fell off up to a certain point, but there is that belly area that just won’t flatten. Breastfeeding helps, but being cooped up inside due to crappy weather doesn’t. Heck, I used to take the tot out for two walks a day prior to my pregnancy-induced aches and pains in the last trimester. And after the birth…lugging a newborn around in a stroller on streets that aren’t plowed well hasn’t been too exercise promoting either. And it’s just so friggin cold, you know?

The scar tissue from the c-section sticks out a bit. This is the second time I had a section, so THAT probably doesn’t help make my belly look slim and trim either. I’m just so annoyed. Nothing else seems f.a.t. on me. All my pre-pregnancy clothes fit. Except the pants. In the zipper area. Not the rear. Not the legs. Just. The. Stomach.

It’s so annoying.

But can someone tell me please how I’m supposed to get some happy energy around 3 pm when I’m tired enough to fall over? Chocolate, home-made cookies or brownies with lots of nuts, even some cream filled store-bought cannoli is what I REALLY want…and have been consuming like the end of the world is near.

One is never enough.

But I digress. The picture at the top of the post is of a Quinoa salad I made plenty of times last summer. And again recently. I got the idea from here. But I make my own recipe, and each time, I change one, or several ingredients. In the summer, for example, I use whatever fresh herbs I happen to have growing in my own garden, like parsley, chives, even young swiss chard leaves. Recently, I used store-bought fresh dill. My friend next door, the author of the Vegan Visitor, used fennel froths. If you’re really desperate, snip some regular lettuce leaves into it.

Quinoa is a grain that I can obtain from the Bulk Barn for cheap. It’s organic and contains more protein than any other grain. Protein is what I need during my slump, not refined sugar, or carbs.

So my plan is to eat this protein-rich salad more often for lunch, and then maybe forgo the sweets at 3. Or, if I still must have a sweet, STOP at ONE.

Can’t guarantee it’ll work, but I’ll give it a try.


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