First foods and hand-expressed milk

So here I’m telling everyone that the baby isn’t interested in solids yet. She’s about 4 and a half months old now, and they recommend waiting till 6 months anyway, so that was no big deal. I’m making enough to satisfy her, so I’m fine with waiting.

But I have to say it’s a little weird. The OTHER one couldn’t wait to eat solids….my.god. That kid was into everything almost immediately, and at barely 4 months! I couldn’t NOT give him food, he was so interested. Luckily, he was a spring baby, so by the time we started solids, we had all kinds of fresh fruit and produce coming from local farmer’s markets, so I made him home made grub.

But this one…she would turn her head. She did like the little curved plastic spoon to chew on though, so I would place her in her clip-on chair during mealtimes, and she’d “join” us for meals.

Today though, at lunch, I got a completely different picture.

She literally licked her lips whenever I or Benjamin placed something in our mouths. She also watched very intently how we chewed our food, and tried to mimic it.

Quite funny!

So I took a tiny spoon, placed a tiny amount of fortified organic rice cereal into a little ramekin dish, and then hand-expressed some breastmilk into it.


Now let me tell you something about expressing milk. Even if you are familiar with an electric breastpump, expressing by hand is such a completely weird sensation, it doesn’t compare at all. And not only is it weird and somewhat painful, it also spurts and sprays in every direction. Imagine my surprise when I noticed the streams aiming straight for my eye…

Anyway. I managed to get the rice cereal mixed into a little brothymilkymushy cereal and then proceeded with feeding the babe.

Well. She was NUTS for it! It took a while for her to figure out the sequential procedure, and I laughed my head off! She would try to get to the spoon by doing simultaneous actions like grabbing the spoon from my hand only to poke her eye out, stopping briefly to complain about that. Then, realizing that the spoon should be near the mouth and not the eye, she would stick her tongue out to FIND the spoon, only to get some of the cereal all over her hands in the process. Her hands would then go to her mouth by way of nose, and the end result was sticky white stuff all over her face.

And that was just the first try!

We soon figured out that if I give her my little finger to hang on to, she would hold on for dear life until the spoon would reach her mouth, then she would commence a combination of sucking, licking and grunting noises not unlike a pig’s pen. And I mean this in the nicest way. Then she’d say “mmmm, mmm….” and the entire messy procedure would begin again.

But she’s getting it IN her body. At least I think she is…

Can’t wait to see what she’ll do to colourful foods like peas and carrots.


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