Wasteful packaging

Is it me or is this incredibly wasteful?


Seems they could cut off at least half the plastic, and while they’re at it, reduce the size of the cardboard box the fish came in. Less plastic to throw in the landfill, less cardboard to recycle, less pollution making the packaging, and the same amount of fish to enjoy.

This is a President’s Choice product.


One thought on “Wasteful packaging

  1. Its totally stupid. I cant stand it so I have been boycotting disposable plastic products for 18 months . Started cos I hated what plastic pollution was doing to the environment – as I learnt more I began to worry what it might be doing to me. It’s hard to give up plastic all at once so each month I give a few things and source sutsainable or biodegradable alternatives- you might find them usefull see http://www.plasticisrubbish.wordpress.com for details.

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