The next hurdle

Toilet training is…

…dare I say it?


There. I said it. And I’m not going to go on and on about it like I did before. Frankly, I’m pooped out (pun intended).

So, he’s peeing in the potty and/or toilet.

He’s announcing when he needs to “make poops on the toilet” and then proceeds.

But he is still wearing a diaper for sleeping. Even though one night a couple of weeks ago we forgot to put one on him (he fell asleep on the couch and neither of us remembered that he wasn’t wearing a diaper as we carried him to his bed). He woke up 12 hours later completely dry.

But if he wears a diaper to bed he is soaking wet in the morning.

Fluke? I don’t know.

Today, I purchased a waterproof pad to put on his bed. It looks like one of those hospital pads they put on your bed after you give birth….and the bonus is you can put it over the sheets, as opposed to under them. So theoretically, if he pees, the sheets should not get wet.

We’ll see how that works.

Only beef I have about the pad right now is that there is no way to fasten it to the sheets, the mattress, or the bed. So I duct taped it to the sheets. Do the waterproof pad making people not have toddlers and preschoolers? Do they not realize that kids don’t sleep lying perfectly still for an entire night? I had a pad like that in the hospital and it moved everytime I moved…and I’m an adult aware that there is a pad under me.

Hope it wasn’t a wasted $16.99.


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