The renovations that never end

Last weekend when hubby had 4 days off in a row I was CONVINCED I’d be able to move certain furniture out of my livingroom into my basement.


I am an idiot.

Not only is the furniture still UP HERE where it will probably remain for the forseeable future, but now we are out of quarter round.

And trim.

Which both need to be painted.

Two pieces of trim and 14 pieces of concave quarter round.

It’s really these details that wear me down.

You see, we finally have a floor in the main livingroom.

A floor I cannot see anymore because it is convered by protective paper and tools like table saws and drills, rubber bins with bedding in them (since I have no closet space for linens), and trim pieces.

And carpet remnants. And underpadding from the carpets.

Because the carpet guy came today and put the carpets in the other rooms.

Which is all fine and dandy except now we need more quarter round and trim, both of which needs to be painted, two coats (2 COATS) and dried, before it can be used.

Painted in some area where there is no dust.


But we have flooring.

And carpeting.

Both of which we did not have for the past 5 months.

So maybe this is a good thing.

Too bad I’m having such a hard time actually SEEING the progress.

What are the chances this painting/trimming/quarter rounding will be done this weekend in a least ONE MEASILY LITTLE AREA OF THIS GODFORSAKEN BASEMENT?

I just really want my life back.

The end.


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