Standing on one foot

Yes, that is what his poop does sometimes.

Because you see, the pooping in the toilet is going well now. Yet every day there is a different exclamation about his eliminations.

“Mom, I made a big looooong one today.”

“Mama, see how my poop is standing up, on one foot?”

“Mommy, my poops are going wheeeeeee when I flush the toilet!”

He is also managing to stay dry most nights. That pad I bought to place over the sheets has been great for when he does have an accident, as it really doesn’t get the sheets wet. When he does have an accident, he takes off his pjs, and wanders over to me, naked and cold, to let me know about the wet spot in his bed. How I long for warmer days…

So we’re trekking along.

However, I am dismayed at my own lazyness. I see my 5 months old daughter pushing hard to get her little poopskis out, and what do I do? I sit and drink coffee rather than get up and stick her on the potty. Really, if she’s working this hard, and it’s EVIDENT, she might as well do it on the potty.

But I’m just so tired….maybe when warmer weather gets here, I’ll be on the ball more. Less layers to get at…



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