All I wanted to do was mow the lawn.

It’s a simple thing, really. Get the lawnmower out, turn it on, mow the lawn, put the lawnmower back, done.


Riiiigghhhttt….here is what really happened:

First, I had to FIND the lawnmower. I knew it was somewhere in our little garage (built in 1950-something, and looks more like a shed). Because of the basement renos, the contents of the basement were piled in the garage, which made finding anything in there challenging. And depressing.

So I had to clear out all the crap that was blocking the damn thing, which increased my pissedoffness, because really, how much of this stuff do we need? It was depressing too because I knew that once the stuff was out, I would have to fit it all back in, preferably in a different order since we don’t need the snow shovels any longer, but the bike trailer and ladder and gardening tools. This too increased my pissedoffness.

But to make a long rant short, I now have a handwritten sign on my front lawn that says

Free Stuff

Take it

I hope someone does take it. If not, it’ll end up in the garbage truck on Wednesday. Or at Goodwill if I have time to drive there before then.

So anyway, I was talking about the lawnmower. Once I found the lawnmower, several things happened.

First, the baby woke up. She has impeccable timing, that one.

Then, the lawnmower wouldn’t start. It had gas in it still, but I thought maybe it was no good anymore given that the lawnmower hasn’t been used since October of last year. So I went to pour more gas from the handy little red container, which of course was empty.

The 3yo kept saying things like “when will we turn the lawnmower oooonnnn????” and “does it make nooooiiissseee???” and ” why doesn’t it make noooiiissseee?”. Incessantly.

Didn’t make the baby feel particularly relaxed either.

When DH finally came home, 2 hours after he said he would be home, he looked at the lawnmower. Turns out the sparks plug is rusted.


As far as I’m concerned, the grass (weeds) can keep growing. I have no idea when anyone will have time to fix the lawnmower , get gas and oil for it, and do the actual work.

That was my afternoon yesterday in a nutshell.

2 thoughts on “Yesterday

  1. Um…everything except the books. Saved me a trip to the Goodwill which, considering the gas prices, is not a bad thing, and I am going to assume that the picked up items remain out of the landfill just that much longer.

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