Difficult and mobility

The 3 year old keeps saying the word difficult. He uses it in sentences that sometimes make sense, and sometimes not.

We will go on a difficult hike or That airplane is difficult

So we asked him where he learned that word. Was it at his Montessori school? Did one of the children say it? Did he hear us say it? It’s not clear where he’s heard it.

Then we asked him what it means. He said it’s like a colour, like black and white.


I tried to demonstrate what difficult means at the dinner table last night. Needing to reach for something that was too far away, I said it’s too difficult to reach for the olive oil because it’s too far away. Maybe daddy can pass it to me. That’s easier. He paid attention. Not sure if it sunk in.

* * * * *

The 7 month old is an accident prone kid. Or maybe it’s my fault since I’m obviously not paying close enough attention. I can’t take my eyes off her, she rolls off of everything. So now I stick her on the floor.

But even on the floor she manages to get herself into situations. If I place her on the floor on a blanket, on her tummy, with toys within reach, I figure I can leave the room for a minute to do something. You know, like pour coffee or go to the bathroom.  Inevitably, there’s screaming shortly after I disappear out of her sight. When I return to the livingroom, I see that she managed to get herself stuck underneath the coffee table.

Can she crawl? Well, not in the official, coordinated way. But obviously she’s got some real mobility happening here.

So I move her. I place her in her brother’s room in front of the bed. She’s sitting, chewing on toys. I leave the room to go to the kitchen, which is literally 5 steps away from that room.


I turn around and what do I see? She’s on her belly, completely underneath Benjamin’s bed. Everytime she tries to lift her head, she bumps it on the edge.

Maybe I need to get that playpen back upstairs….


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