Men and woman are different.

Last night

Me: Will you take Ben to school tomorrow?
Him: Yup

During the night

Baby wakes at 2 am, cries, has diaper changed, nurses, goes back to sleep.
Just as I’m about to fall asleep again, I hear sobbing from other room.
3yo lying in bed, without pj bottoms on, sobbing.

Me: What happened? Did you pee in the bed?
3yo: Noooo…it’s too dark in here….

I raise the shade a tad, ask him if that’s better, he nods yes and turns to his side, I offer to help him put his pj bottoms back on, he says no, I ask him if he has to make pipi, he says no, I give hugs and kisses and leave him  bare bottomed. What do I care if he doesn’t want to wear pj pants at 3 am.


6:30 – baby wakes up in a good mood
I lift her out of her crib which is next to my bed, place her next to me surrounded by pillows, go back to a semi-comatosed slumber.
Baby chatters away in her native baby lingo.

7:15 – I am vaguely aware that the baby is using me as a trampoline in desperate search for her liquid breakfast, and annoyingly aware that there are no breakfast sounds happening in the kitchen. Nor are there any coffee smells penetrating into my general vicinity.

Grugingly I nurse the gymnast, then get up, turn on the coffee, drop the baby in front of the 3yo’s bed, make his milk, go to the bathroom, etc.

DH decideds to make an appearance at 7:30.

Me: I thought you were going to take Ben to school today?
DH: I am.


My understanding of taking someone to school includes the prep work. His understanding is much more literal.


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