Foodie Fridays – eggless baby ice cream

Depending on whom you talk to or what you read, they say not to give babies eggs until they’re anywhere from 9 months to a year old. But since there is a severe egg allergy in my family (my sister’s daughter) I waited almost two years to introduce eggs to the first child. We went through two summers without ice cream for the tot.

He was allowed popsicles, those watery-sugary ones you can buy at the store. But they were still cold, and since he didn’t like cold, well, we all had to suffer through the teething fiasco together.

The second baby LOVES to put cold things into her mouth. But she has repeated skin infections caused by yeast. Yeast loves sugar, so I try to keep the sugary stuff away from her. 

Yet she too isn’t handling teething well, so I came up with the eggless baby ice cream. Simple to make, and oh so soothing to those sore gums!


yoghurt (I used plain organic)
fruit the baby has had already (I used frozen blueberries which I pureed myself) 


Mix yoghurt and fruit together.
Pour into icecube tray.
Place ice cream sticks in at an angle.
Freeze at an angle.



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