New cell phone

I got a new cell phone. My old one was a museum piece, about 10 years old, and I lost it. Or more specifically, the baby lost it. Because the last time I saw it, it was in her hands at a grocery store.

DH’s cell phone was just as old, if not older. He debated back and forth about iphones and blackberries and what have you, and we ended up not wanting to spend the money for all the gadgetry and toys that are prevalent in these things.

We got some Samsung phones, without the flip thingy, and are using Virgin as our carrier. They don’t make you sign a contract, and they’re cheaper than most everyone else here in Canada. And Samsung seems to have a decent rep with regards to their phones. And batteries.

We just wanted simple phones. With voice mail, call display, and text messaging. So that is what we got.

Now, if I could just find the time to change some of my options, like the ring tones, that would be simply grand.


2 thoughts on “New cell phone

  1. I wondered if the baby did it “on purpose”. But having a new phone with text messaging, something the “old” phone didn’t have, is kinda fun!

    Welcome to Javaline!

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