Questions without answers

Me, this morning, to myself:

  1. How many carloads did it take us to bring our stuff to the storage locker prior to the start of the basement renovations? Because it seems that it is taking FAR longer to bring the stuff back. And many more carloads than I remember…
  2. Why do we have so much stuff?
  3. Why do we pay someone else rent to store stuff we don’t even remember owning?
  4. Why do we (he) keep a box full of old computer game we don’t have time to play?
  5. Where are we going to store the stuff we intend to keep once we bring it home? The new closets are mostly already full.
  6. Why are we storing stuff at all? If we don’t need it or want it or if it stays in a box anyway, why keep it at all?
  7. Would it make sense to throw out/donate/sell/give away/burn all seasonal clothing and buy new stuff every single time the season changes instead of storing stuff? (the answer can only be no since we don’t own a money tree, but it sure is tempting)
  8. On that note, why do I have 3 bins full of Xmas stuff? And another one of Halloween/Thanksgiving and Easter stuff? Do I decorate with this stuff? I don’t remember…

Plan today:

Unload the car on the front lawn. Unpack all the bins and boxes. Make 3 piles:

  • keep and store or display or use
  • leave on the lawn for anyone to take
  • throw in the garbage/recycling

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