Magical powers

My DH has magical powers. It is a main reason why I keep him around. 

His magical powers however only work on our baby. For some reason, he is the only one who manages to get that child to sleep within 10 minutes EVERY.SINGLE.TIME. Could be in time for her morning nap, her afternoon nap, or during her several awake periods during the middle of the night.

Now, I have my own powers toward that child. Let it be known that she is around me the most and comes to me for pretty much anything and everything she needs or wants. I feed her, change her, bathe her, play with her, nurse her, dress her, undress her, walk with her, console her when she’s upset, medicate her when she’s sick, distract her when she’s cranky, you name it. I MOTHER her.

But when she’s overtired, overstimulated, teething or who knows what else has her in a tiffy at such moments, nothing I do calms her down quicker than her daddy and his magical method. Unless I nurse her, but that only works half the time.

When DH hears her distress from anywhere in the house, he arrives to pick her up. Even if she wants to stay with me and squirms to make this happen, he determinently walks over to the kitchen fan, turns it on, and puts her in position facing his chest.

He stands there with the squirmy infant in front of the lound, rhythmic noise, quietly humming into her ear some made up lullaby, and within a minute her body relaxes. Less than 5 minutes later she’s completely passed out. At which point he places her in her crib and leaves the room.

Let it be known that I have tried to imitate this exact method. But for whatever reason, she will not “sleep” on my chest. Or in my arms. Or in any other position I try. Sometimes, rarely though, she will allow me to place her in her bouncy chair, with the vibrator turned on. I place the chair in the kitchen, turn the fan on full volume, and let her watch me prepare some meal. Sometimes, this will put her to sleep. But not often. Or often enough.

I just don’t understand it.

But I’m not complaining. When it comes to sleep in babies, you take what you can get.

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