Foodie Fridays – Iced coffees

Ok, those Iced Caps from Tim Hortons look WAY TOO SWEET. I mean, just looking at them makes my teeth ache.

So here is my version of an ever-so-yummy Iced Coffee drink. It doesn’t taste right to me to use a different kind of ice cream, but you can sub the type or flavour to your heart’s content. And I’m sure you can alcoholize it with some coffee liqueur for a dessert type drink. And add whip cream….

Javaline Iced Coffee

  1. Make fresh coffee and let cool. Freeze some in ice-cube tray.
  2. Put 6-10 frozen coffee ice cubes in blender and hit “ice crusher”. Make coffee snow.
    (if you don’t have frozen coffee ice cubes use normal ice cubes and add cool/cold coffee to the snow)
  3. Pour more cold coffee into the snow if you have some on hand.
  4. Add 2-4 tablespoons of PC Chocolate Almond Bark ice cream.
  5. Blend on low setting.
  6. Pour into cold tall glass, add a straw, whip cream (or not) and enjoy.

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