Picture it:

I’m walking along a residential street, pushing a baby stroller and stopping every once in a while to let the 3 year old catch up to us with his bike.

Suddenly, a teenage boy of about 16 or 17 approaches me, and says very politely:

“Can you do me a favour please.”

I look around and don’t see anything that catches my eye for which he would possibly need my help. He didn’t come from a car that may be broken, he didn’t seem to be bleeding or hurt in any way, he didn’t seem distressed or slurr his words.

But my immediate response was:

“Probably not, I got two kids here.”

He looked at the stroller, then at the boy behind me on his bike, and turned on his heel and walked off. He didn’t seem offended or pissed off, it was more like he realized that asking a mom with two tiny children for help wasn’t the brightest idea he came up with. At least, that’s the impression he left me with when he turned away.

But I’m still left to wonder. What could he possibly have wanted that I could have helped him with considering I can’t just abandone my babies?

I don’t know why I didn’t ask him what favour he needed. Probably because I knew my answer was going to be no anyway, since chances are, no matter what he wanted, I wouldn’t have been able to comply.

But it is perplexing how quickly I said no. I am not usually the type of person who turns away from helping someone….

The whole situation seemed just too weird.

Funny thing is, later, after we had shopped at the Deli and were on our way back home, we saw him walking by again. He didn’t acknowledge us at all. Guess whatever favour he needed was hardly anything earthshattering.


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