Happiness is…

…a painted livingroom. YES! I did it, during naptime, daytime, schooltime, mealtime, bathtime, anytime. I picked up a brush and started. And kept going. Took me a week. Instead of a weekend. But it’s done. Done, people! Except for the trim on the one corner, which comprises less than 20% of the livingroom. And the hallway, which is part of the livingroom. Sort of. But it doesn’t affect me directly in terms of livingspace, and anyway I ran out of paint, so the hallway can wait till someone picks up the new can of paint.

…a baby that sleeps through the night. Ya right. 11 months and she still doesn’t sleep through the night. Whatev.

…wine. Yum.

…coffee. YUM.

…cake. Chocolate cake. ORGANIC chocolate cake with STRAWBERRIES. Courtesy Auntie Ing. She’s not my auntie, she’s my sister-in-law, but CAKE! Yum.

…painted livingroom. Did I mention that? I type these words with excrutiating pain in my arms, torso and other parts that are required during painting. But I love, LOVE the colour. It’s yellow. With a green tint. It is not, according to certain opinions, the colour of puke. It’s PARA paint Shortstop or something of that sort and it’s yellow with green. And it’s lovely. It will be even lovelier when the gloomy dark months overwhelm us with their misery. Because it will brighten up the misery. HA!

…Ikea! YES! I will go there maybe tomorrow and spend money on things I can’t afford. Like glass doors for my billy bookcase that will house my glassware and booze. And maybe a dining table and chairs. Or maybe not. And maybe some curtains for my new livingroom. But we’ll see. Ikea! See you tomorrow.

…sleep…so, good night!


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