Early Christmas shopping season

Well. Here we go again. It’s the first day of October and on the news they’re talking about extending the already ridiculously extensive Christmas shopping season. Why? Because markets tumbled on Monday and people are realizing they will need more time (!) to spend their money (credit?) on stuff no one really needs.

My mom works for a large department store as a middle manager. As of about the Canadian Thanksgiving weekend (which comes a month earlier than the American Thanksgiving, in mid October), Christmas in the retail sector is in full swing.  It stresses her out, makes her more tired than she already is, and causes her to dislike the season despite her four very cute and adorable grandchildren (two are mine!) who all love it. All she really wants to do on Christmas eve and Christmas day is spend the day in bed with her blanket pulled over her head, because for months before those days, and at least several weeks after, her worklife is pure hell.

Push, push, push people to buy more!
Buy, buy, buy more!
Look, we have a GREAT sale on these items if you buy two or more of that item!

Thanksgiving is two weeks away. I vaguely recall that last week at Canadian Tire I already saw aisles of Christmas decorations being hung up.

Is this really the most wonderful time of the year?


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