Titleless post

So far, we have:

-a broken glass
-spilled blueberries and yoghurt on pj bottoms
-crumbs of flaxseed toast
-more yoghurt spill on a floor pillow
-dog hair on yoghurty floor pillow
-enough dirty clothes for at least one full load
-white fluff from second dog bed all over the livingroom

All this mess is making me think of this post.

* * *

I need someone to play with. I am unmotivated and feel like doing nothing. No one on IM to chat with. No one is texting me. No one is emailing me. And no one is commenting on the blog. So I am drinking coffee (I AM Javamom after all) and eating my Haselnut torte which mom baked in the toaster oven. I’m on my second slice.
It is windy. The fan in the kitchen ceiling is making a racket.
I have no one to play with. I am not in a playdoh mood. Pretty soon I will have to do SOMETHING with the playdoh though because neither he nor I feel like cleaning up what he used earlier.
I NEVER put my vacuum cleaner away. Not that I have a designated putting-away spot for it. I keep it near where Sonja eats. It’s as good a place as any.
Probably pretty soon I will have to vacuum up the dry playdoh. Maybe I will make HIM do it.
We need a pumpkin for Halloween.
Sonja left with my little wallet where I keep my coins. It even contained a 10 dollar bill. It is my farmers market portemonnai. She took it and walked with it around the house. It is now LOST. I am not happy.
How did she take my portemonnai? Where would I have left it for her to reach? I don’t usually leave my stuff where she can reach…that was my last 10 bucks.

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