More on sleep

So I’m four days into trying to get and keep my baby asleep through the night. And I seem to succeed every other day, and fail every one in between. But such is life with sleepless babies. You can read about my dilemma whether or not to ferberize her here.

Speaking of failure, I wonder if last night should be classified as such. She cried so pitifully I couldn’t resist to cuddle her in my arms. Where she promptly fell asleep. And stayed asleep for the bulk of the night. And not only that, upon waking and asking for “meh” I would nurse her for less than a minute, and she’d be back asleep within the next minute.

My objective here, as I keep telling myself, is to have her sleep. Which she did. Just because she didn’t do it in the crib isn’t exactly a failure, I guess. Or is it? I feel like I did the right thing for her, and me, but at the same time, letting her back in bed with me may have been a step backwards.

Then again, this isn’t military school, nor am I a drill sargent (although frankly sometimes I feel like one). So time will tell if the child sleeps tonight. In her crib. Like she did on three nights before. Despite the crying and all.

Speaking of sleeping, both kids are out. Sonja on her second nap, which is kind of unusual, and Benjamin on the couch. I am cleaning. I could be painting. Instead, I took a tea break and posted my sleep issues.

So there.


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