How to clean the bathroom floor

Once upon a time I read this post and it freaked me out. And ever since then, I’ve been constantly checking floors for hair. Mostly mine, since it’s long, but everyone else’s hair too.

Nothing irritates me more than hair on the floor. I love the dog to death and all, but he sheds so much I can barely stand it.

I like my hair long and all, but really, what is it with these hormones? They tell me hair loss is normal for pregnant/nursing moms. Lately however, my hair loss is starting to irritate me a tad more than usual.

When the first, then second baby, was in the crawling phase, I was obsessed with floors. We went out and bought a Swiffer, which in its defense, is a great invention and all, but every once in a while a proper mop is required.

When the first, then the second baby started walking, the floors still obsessed me. Mostly the kitchen, but the bathroom as well since that is where the hair falls down. Sure, the kids weren’t crawling with their hands on the floor which usually ended up in their mouths, but they were still playing on the floor. It’s what kids do. And they walk around in bare feet, in the bathroom, where the hair is.

My link above is relevant to this post, so go ahead and read it if you haven’t already. If you know Andrea from the fishbowl, you’ll enjoy your visit there.

But I digress. I do not want to be the kind of mom to my kids who remember me as the one who forced them to play upright. Because of some hair on the floor.

Today, I took the vacuum cleaner, the mop, some disinfecting cleanser, a thick sponge, and a lot of attitude into the kitchen and bathroom.

I tackled the floors like it’s nobody’s business. And here is where it gets interesting.

Our bathroom is not big. It is a bathroom that was built in 1947 and does not have a lot of floor space, cupboard space, sink space, any space really.

But it sure gets dirty quick.

So prior to mopping the shit (no pun intended) out of this floor, I took a baby wet wipe and got down on my knees beside the toilet. There, I wiped with the wipe all the hair, dust and grime that grows in my bathroom. Probably mold too. And wet spots from the condensation.

I then discarded the wipe, got another one, and wiped the other side.

Then I did it again in another tight spot.

Let me tell you, those wipes pick up a lot of hair!

On the one hand, I contempated the expense here. I’m using expensive wipes to clean my floor. On the other hand, it worked so well that really, what is 3 wipes that weren’t used on a baby bum? It’s not like I clean the bathroom floor with wipes every day.

Anyway, after I finished wiping (really, I’m not trying to make a pun here!), I picked up my sponge and scrubbed the crud or whatever that black stuff is in between the tiles. Only after that was done did I take the mop and finished the floor off.

Now my bathroom (and kitchen) floors are clean.

The end.

Note to self: where is the dog? Maybe I could build him a dog house…


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