Chuncky legs

I’m on the phone calling his cell phone. He’s out running an errand with the 3yo.

Me: Hi. Um….

Him: Yes?

Me: Can you buy me some legs?

Him: What?

Me: Some legs. I need you to buy me some legs.

Him: Sorry, you need what? Ben just coughed…you need links?

Me: LEGS. I need legs.

Him: Oh, ok. Legs. What kind of legs?

Me: Chunky ones, and not too long. I don’t want them longer than a few inches. And not wheels. I don’t want legs on wheels.

Him: Ok, for the thing by the hallway. Right?

Me: Yes. Legs for the cabinet we’re going to turn into a bench for the children.

Him: I’ll see what I can find.


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