What it’s about

In anticipation of a long week with very little daddy time, I woke up this morning irritated at the unfinished renovations, at the clutter, at the dog hair, at the laundry, at the toys, at everything.

Seems no matter how much I try I can never quite catch up.

And feeling like this after a productive weekend of painting and fixing and renovating things, I really shouldn’t let this stuff get me down.

But it did.

And then the kids were particularly whiny and demanding.

I spent all morning running around trying to do housework, cooking, and entertaining kids.

I was feeling frustrated at the fact that despite all my work, nothing seemed to amount to anything. I never actually seemed to reach the finish line.

But then the sun peaked out of a dark, grey, drizzly sky.

And Benjamin asked if he could go out on the driveway with the sidewalk chalk and make roadways.

What a great idea! He got a head start while I battled with the tot to get her dressed, and we spent a very pleasant hour out front drawing and digging and playing.

Coming back in for tea and cookies amid the mess seems to bother me less now.

Because this is what it’s all about.  I should remember the pleasant hour of play, not the clutter or housework or incomplete renovations. After all, that is the part THEY will most likely remember.

Note to self: re-read this post next time the clutter gets me down.

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