The wearning of many hats

Every day, thousands of women (and men) wear many hats. I have many hats myself. I have a taxi hat, a cleaning hat, a cooking hat, a grocery shopping hat, an educator hat, a childrearing hat… you get the picture.
There used to be a “just me” hat but I lost it.
Most days I get confused which hat I’m supposed to wear, and for how long. Often, I end up wearing several hats at the same time, or the wrong hat at the wrong time. Like, when I don the cooking hat should I stop and look for my cleaning hat in order to wipe up the mess the dog made?
I once wore my cleaning hat to help me find my “just me” hat, but then I got distracted by all the switching of hats and never found it.
Perhaps my “just me” hat will turn up when the children have graduated from university and have moved back home with us. Which is the trend these days. But at least by then I can commend them to help me look for my “just me” hat (insert eye-rolling).
This morning, I mentally planned to wear the educator hat first (parent-teacher interviews at preschool), then the cleaning hat second (bathroom, kitchen, kids’ room, livingroom), the cooking hat next (prep lunch, snack, dinner), and finally I could maybe pretend I found the “just me” hat and wear the invisible hat during the peaceful afternoon break when all the ankle biters are napping (insert hysterical laughter). Before I start over again.
Instead, I’m sitting here in front of the laptop wearing all the hats I own simultaneously, with the biggest and most important hat on top: the blogging hat.
Take that you rascals!

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