Old hair

Today is Saturday.

Today would have, could have been the day where I got my hair fixed at the salon.

I had an appointment for 2:45 pm.

I made that appointment last Tuesday.

I was looking forward to new hair.

Then I realized we’re all out of food. And payday isn’t till NEXT Thursday.

In case you missed the boat, we’re heading toward a depression, apparently. Or at least a recession. Or we’re already in the recession. Whatever.

Either way, we’re all out of money till next payday.

So…the money in my wallet, which I was going to spend at the salon, went to DH’s wallet instead, since he offered to go pick up the food.

Oh, and he also went to get a haircut.

His hair only cost $15…

But I noticed some nice steaks in the fridge for tomorrow….from grass-fed, pasture-fed, outdoorsy cows.

Steak! And some red wine!

I guess my hair can wait till next week…

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