As a student, I knew how to procrastinate very well back in University. But I always managed to get things done in time somehow. I got my degree four years later, so I figured I had this procrastination managed.

As a parent of small children, I seem to manage my chronic procrastination fairly well until about mid-afternoon. By then, I’m all out of steam, and I tend to let things sit.

Often, bags and boxes of groceries may not get put away for a day or two. Which isn’t always a bad thing necessarily because I normally pack all the cold/refrigerator stuff together, and manage to get at least that stuff put away. The boxed stuff, like crackers, flour, other non-perrishable items, well, whatev. It can sit there for all I care till I feel up to bending over and picking it up and putting it in the cupboards.

Well today, I was rushed from the getgo. Sonja woke at 5:30 and wanted to immediately get up and start playing. WITH ME. I can usually keep her in her crib till at least 6 at which point I get her milk and my coffee ready, but today, no way sirrybob. Then I had a 6 foot list of groceries I needed to get done today, which was to occur immediately after dropping Benjamin at the Montessori. Once I got back DH was still home, Sonja was still napping, Ben was still in school, and Rusty needed a walk, so I figured I’ll save myself some grief later by getting the dog walked sans kids. Trust me, getting these kids dressed warmly and out the door while the dog is constantly underfoot takes me at least a half an hour and completely pisses me off. Which defeats the purpose of having a dog. I want to enjoy dog walking, and that does not seem possible anymore what with all the chaos around here in the afternoon. Not to mention my mood and patience level, which rapidly deteriorate as the day progresses.


I got the dog walked. Then it was time to pick up Ben. Then it was time to have lunch. Then I was suddenly surrounded by cranky babies, bags and boxes of groceries, toys, and semi-finished remnants of lunch. Just looking at all that stuff made me feel even more tired.

I also have two shelves lying around my almost-finished (freshly painted) livingroom. Shelves that need to be put up. Which requires me to go down to the basement to get the drill, the anchors, the screws and all the other associated stuff. Which inevitably will remind me that I have Ben’s wintercoat in the wash which needs to be taken out and hung up to dry. Which inevitably will inspire me to do another load of laundry (underwear comes to mind). At which point I will notice the bins that need sorting, the dust that needs vacuuming, and the various other activities that need handling down there (we’ve been renovating).

So instead, I brewed tea, sat down, and logged on to WordPress. Typing a post seems a lot less daunting than my to-do list for some reason.

Happy reading.


2 thoughts on “Procrastination

  1. I have to keep saying it… we are living parallel lives in separate hemispheres. 🙂

    The main difference being that we had to say goodbye to our dog. She just kept coming last on the list of things to do and it wasn’t fair. She has been rehomed and is being showered with the love and attention she deserves.

    It is refreshing to know I am not the only one that hides from housework in the world of WordPress.



  2. 😯

    Ladies, how atrocious! Leaving your household duties to be tempted by the ambiguities of the web… may I quote Shakespeare here:

    Oh what a tangled web we weave, when first we practice to deceive… (was that not in Macbeth? He did not get on too well in that play!)

    IF you are to have a pity party on the web, then bo open about it and share some cookies cake! Let me get a coffee and join you!

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